ReeseStrong Foundation, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.  Our mission is to help families stay strong in the battle against childhood cancer.  We provide financial, emotional and social support for families affected by this disease.  In doing all of these things, we also strive to raise awareness of childhood cancer by supporting research and displaying the gold ribbon (the symbol for childhood cancer awareness) as often as we can.

The name of our foundation was inspired simply by Reese's strength, especially during the first few months of her battle.  She was left unable to eat, speak, walk or use any of her limbs after her surgery to remove the tumor.  As scary as this must have been for her, she never lost her fighting spirit.  She never lost her laugh.  She kept a smile on her face during some very hard and dark days, through some very scary and painful treatments.  That fighting spirit made us all believe that it isn't enough to live strong.  We want to live ReeseStrong!  For us, that means waking up every day trying to make life better for families of children with cancer and living our own individual lives in a strong, healthy and positive manner.